Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project Life: Organizing the Loot

**PRE-POST DISCLAIMER** The organization methods you are about to see are not, in any way, fancy or perfect. I am in a "split living" situation as a college student (last year YAY!) and am working with the limited space available at the moment.* HA!

I have posted previously about my scrapbook studio at my parent's house quite awhile back, (although I've made changes and need to repost that soon...another to do on a mile long list) however, I have recently unofficially moved in with my boyfriend at his apartment while we save for a house of our own. I am here enough that I could justify bringing some of my scrapbook stuff with me. (mostly things I will use for Project Life. I go "home" to my parents when I want to do full layouts) I wanted to show what I was using here at Chris's to demonstrate a way to make do with a smaller space.

After graduating high school, I purchased a bunch of these white cubes from target for around $25 each. I believe Hobby Lobby or Michael's now carries something similar. They work great for organizing all sorts of supplies and come in many styles. These drawers are large enough to fit a little over a 12x12 sheet of paper which is great!

My top, left drawer is filled with adhesives and tools. The drawer isn't much more organized than that. There is a good mix of my favorite punches, adhesives, pens, and scissors floating around in there somewhere. Ha!


The next two drawers on the left are dedicated to stamping. The first houses a handful of inks, (most are Studio G from Walmart, plus a couple other favorites) although, the majority of my inks are back at my parents. I also keep background type stamps in the drawer, along with a few wood mounted ones. I am really loving the new stamp sets from Studio Calico! They are getting a lot of use in this project. The third drawer is a random mix of more favorite stamps that lend themselves well to this project and broad themes.


The fourth drawer on the left is home to my letter stickers. It is stocked full of letter stickers. It is hard to tell in the picture (should have rearranged things for the picture...note to self in the future Ha!) but under that 12x12 Echo Park sticker sheet there are piles of Thickers and other letter sticker packages. I might have an obsession with those.. The glitter ones are my current favorite ones right'll notice in my week spreads soon.


The fifth drawer houses my washi tape, twine, and rhinestones. The washi tape and twine is separated in the drawer with an old wooden cheese box. At is the only extra organization I have within the drawer. Washi and twine get used on pretty much every spread so I like being able to pull the cheese box out of the drawer and bring it to wherever I am working (usually the floor..occasionally the coffee table).

The bottom left drawer has a mix of scrap patterned paper that relatively coordinate my bright theme for the Album. Definitely no organization in that drawer. It's not my entire stash so it's no big deal to sift through the whole pile quickly for what I need.

The top right drawer is stuffed full of a random mix of journaling stuff. Everything from labels to 3x4 cards...and anything in between...related to journaling. So far I don't have any further organization for that, however, I am considering different options possibly. For now it is getting the job done.

Under that drawer is other embellishment products. Little bits and pieces I pulled from my main stash that I thought I'd want for the project. I find myself occasionally thinking of something else I wished I brought over from my parents, this drawer continually grows each time I visit their house! Ha!

The last drawer holds collection kits and a few favorite papers. I really like Echo Park's collection kits, so several of those are in this drawer.

Underneath the drawers is a square opening in which I put a black canvas bin from Walmart. This bin is a catch all for things I don't have a place for. I don't print to many pictures that I'm not ready for, however the few I have are in here until I use them, computer paper and white card stock is in here as well. I don't have any colored card stock at Chris's, other than scraps, because I use mostly white for my backgrounds with stamps. I also keep protectors, memorabilia, and my paper trimmer here! The top of the cubes is just big enough for my simple, cheap printer (printing pictures at Walmart or Snapfish if I plan enough in advance) and my actual album!

And that is my current organizing methods! I am constantly reorganizing as I find things that aren't working or as my stash grows. And sometimes just because I'm bored (I'm one of those weird people who actually enjoys organizing). I hope you found someone useful from this post and will join me tomorrow as I start sharing my progress so far this year!




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